Thursday, February 13, 2014

A new addition to our family

My hubby and I had been discussing the prospect of adding a second dog to our family over the last few weeks after noticing how animated our dog would get around other dogs. We were both a little reluctant to take the plunge however, as even though we got really lucky with our current dog Oliver (who is great with kids, our guinea pigs and our birds, doesn't bark a lot, doesn't dig, and is very patient with us when we (or more specifically 'I') get too tired to take him for walks) - he was HARD WORK as a puppy!

But we decided it would be nice for him to have a friend... and so little Indi came home with us. She's abou 9wks old and of mysterious origins - we have no idea what her actual breed is. Her mum looks like a small German Shepherd, while her dad looks like a large Kelpie (but is apparently Rottie x border collie!?). So it will be really interesting to see what she grows into.

 We got Oliver DNA tested a year or so ago to work out what his breed was, as he looks Beagle... but just not quite right. It turned out he was 75% Beagle (which meant one parent was purebred Beagle, one was Beagle x), and that he had 'Borzoi' 3-4 generations back (accounting for his slightly larger size and different shaped head).

So we will do the same thing for Indi... just to get a bit more of an understanding of the breeds that make up her ancestry. At this stage, 4-days into having her in our life she has proven to be a beautifully natured little thing. Very gentle, eager to learn and she absolutely idolises Oliver! (Oliver is still warming to the idea of a puppy sharing his space though... lol).

I will admit I had my reservations about adopting a puppy at 33wks pregnant... but so far I am not regretting anything. It's actually really lovely to have a baby-animal around again. When I sit on the floor with her she comes and squishes herself onto my lap and falls asleep. I figure she might as well enjoy that while she can because soon enough both she and I will be too big for such cuddles!

 The kids have really taken to her as well. My daughter is more interactive and likes to 'boss' Indi around, while my son tends to just play on his own, and Indi seeks him out. Both kids have become rather interested in babies over the last few months too, so it has been really timely to have a 'baby' of our own for them to play with.

Ask me again in a few weeks if I'm still as content with the decision to bring home a puppy though... and we'll see if Indi's good-behaviour is here to stay!

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