Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Half Way

We had the 20wk scan yesterday.

We're half-way.

Wow. Where did 5 months go!?

Baby was SUPER wriggly. I always assumed that they told this to every parent getting a scan done. Kind of like an excuse for getting blurry images?! But everyone in the room could see what this cheeky little baby boy was doing. The poor sonographer would line up an image, and he'd just slip away. I'd feel a little flurry of activity on the far side of my uterus, and the image would be gone.

We did get to see everything important (including genitals to confirm that he is really a he!). And the measurements taken seem to show that he's going to be a big boy. He is measuring 1-2wks ahead for everything! His head is in the highest percentile... probably NOT what a woman facing the prospect of pushing him out of her vagina in another 5months wants to hear though!

But I am so glad he's healthy and thriving in there. I had been quite worried that I wasn't feeling his movements more consistently, but he has made up for that over the last few days. Last night it was like he was trying to tell me how annoyed he was about the ultrasound. He didn't stop dancing in there, even after I went to bed.

IM flew down to be there for the scan as well, which was really lovely. And I took my 4yr old daughter with me. She was enthusiastic for the first 10mins or so, but as the scan dragged on (nearly 1.5hrs later), she was over it.

I will take a belly shot tomorrow morning - you should see how much I've popped out in the last 4 weeks. It's so exciting to watch my body change to accomodate this little man. I'm doing my best to savour everything about this pregnancy...and to get what I wanted out of the experience :)

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