Friday, November 1, 2013


My belly is big enough now to make sleeping directly on my stomach uncomfortable. Which has always been a mild annoyance to me when pregnant as I'm a belly-sleeper from way back! But with my first pregnancy, this was fine - I would just sleep a little longer in the morning to make up for any broken sleep.

My sleep is also interrupted at least three times during the night JUST to pee (and it's always like there was a waterfall in there waiting to come out! Seriously... how can I make so much pee in such a short period of time!!!). Again, with my first pregnancy this was actually kind of cool. It was like a constant reminder that I was finally PREGNANT! Plus, I could just sleep a little longer in the morning to make up for it...

However this week, my kids have joined the 'lets stop mum from getting any kind of reasonable sleep' campaign. Granted they've both had head colds complete with tracks runny green snot and coughs. But they can't wake and demand my attention at the same time. They need to take it in turns over a period of about 3-4hrs. Then, just as I've managed to get some actual sleep, the sun will come up and my 2.5yr old will decide that 5am is a brilliant time to start the day!

So there's no more 'extra morning sleep' now. Those few hours between bedtime and sunrise are so precious!!!

For those pregnant mum's out there with a handful of kids already in their care - I salute you! ;)

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