Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bizarre Pregnancy Dreams

There are so many aspects of pregnancy that you forget about when you're not pregnant. A little like labour and delivery I think. In the midst of the pain you wonder how you could ever forget what this is like - let alone come back and do it again. But even just a week later the memory has faded! (and a lot of people do go back and do it again! lol).

The main surprising symptoms of my first pregnancy were exhaustion, heartburn and VERY vivid dreams. Second pregnancy the exhaustion was back, the heartburn was killer, and the dreams were just as crazy.

This pregnancy actually is no different in those aspects so far! Yet I find myself being surprised when I have no energy, or have to sleep propped upright, or wake from yet another bizarre dream.

One of the first crazy dreams I had was right back in the first early weeks. I remember emailing the IM about it. I had dreamt that I was helping some random guy commit a murder because someone was annoying him (I think it was his mum), and he needed help to hide her body under a pile of rubbish he was taking to the dump in the back of his ute. We were driving around and I felt so paranoid of police pulling us over! The dream quickly morphed to my living in a cave-like house under the roots of a massive tree, then going into labour and delivery 5 baby girls who all came out in a jumble of body parts and had to be reassembled like plastic dolls. I had the distinct feeling that it was like delivery a baby-fruit-salad. But the babies were fine.... just in pieces.

That one was particularly weird.

Then a few nights ago I had another very vivid, quite scary dream. Our dog was barking at something in the early hours of the morning and I woke enough to conciously register the noise. It was his 'scared' bark that he reserves for when he's unsure about something, or thinks someone is near the house. I vaguely remembered my husband getting up to check what was going on, but must have slipped back to sleep without realising.

The dream took over from reality with a seamless quality. I was now dreaming that while my husband had openend the front door to check what the dog was barking at, some intruders had cut the power to our house. I then got up to check out the back and hit the switch for the lights on the patio. They take a second to turn on properly, but I walked out the door before realising that they hadn't actually turned on. I was standing in the dark, outside, with the dog nowhere to be seen, when I suddenly realised that something was wrong. I went back inside and walked back to my bedroom. I attempted to get back into bed when I realised someone was in there with my husband and they were fighting/wrestling. Suddenly I became really FAT and HEAVY and managed to body slam into the intruder, knocking the knife from their hand. My husband and I tackled them, then we realised there was another person in the house as well. I ran to protect my kids and somehow we managed to get both intruders (women) tied up and sitting on my daughters small pink car bed! I remember the frustrated feel of trying to call for the police but not remembering the 'unlock' key for my phone! Then deciding that we'd just deal with these people ourselves. We interregated them as to what they were doing in our home, and suddenly they were all appologetic - handing me a piece of paper that was supposedly from our IPs saying that they were bored with the surrogacy process and thought it would be best to just take out our whole family - so they'd hired hit-women!

By this stage it was nearing morning and my lucid dreaming took over. I was horrified that I'd dreampt such a stupid, scary dream. So changed direction and dreamt that we walked the two intruders down the road to the police station and handed them over. I woke up and was telling my husband about the dream. I asked if the dog had actually been barking and if he had actually gotten out of bed (both actual things that happened!). The rest was just my over-tired pregnancy brain!

The problem with vivid dreams like these - especially ones that aren't as bizarre as delivering fruit-salad babies in a cave under a tree - tend to follow me around for a few days while I 'process' them! I have no idea if it has any obscure meaning, I gave up trying to work out meanings for my dreams years ago! But it is a little hint as to what the next 6 months of nights have in store for me!

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