Tuesday, December 10, 2013

24 week belly shot

The promised 24wk belly shot. It actually doesn't look that different to the 20wk one now that I can compare them... But I do feel a lot bigger. I think baby's position makes a big difference too. On monday I felt like I should have been more like 8months along then 6months along! It felt like my uterus was up under my ribs already - even my mum commented that my 'uterus looked very large' lol.  But overnight he's shifted again and movements are again happening down low in my pelvis - so he's probably head up, legs down again. He does seem to like to be the right-way-up! lol. I'm not too worried about that yet. He has a long time to sort his position out yet.

(For comparison sake - this was my first pregnancy 5years ago with my daughter, and I was 23wks pregnant here. This is better then how I look non-pregnant now adays! lol)

(and this is about 3.5yrs ago, my second pregnancy with my son at 24wks. Pretty similar to this one actually, but maybe sitting a bit lower? I think my son spent more of his time head down/bum up though... which may be the difference?)

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