Saturday, December 21, 2013

Belly experiment

I don't think it's a unique phenomenon, but I have been noticing that my belly sits differently at the end of the day to how it looked like at the start. So I decided to do a little photo comparison last friday at 25wks, 2 days. 

This was nearly first thing in the morning. Around about 7am. Before eating breaky. 

This was lunch time, roughly 12-1pm ish. Before eating lunch.

And this was late afternoon, roughly 5-6pm. Before cooking dinner. I think I can see the biggest change between morning and lunch. I wonder if that's baby changing position over the course of the day as I walk around? Or bloating? Or fluid retention? (not that I have any swelling yet...??). I have no idea! It's a curious thing though.

This photo below is me at 35weeks pregnant with my son 3yrs ago. Wearing the same red singlet. I was probably 5kg lighter then too - so I wonder if the weight difference accounts for the belly size? I think the belly looks bigger NOW at 25wks then it did there at 35wks!

(I also got my first stretch mark for this pregnancy this week as well! I didn't get any with my daughter, only got a few with my son between 40wks and 41wks... and wasn't expecting any this time around! Ah... the mysteries of pregnancy hey!).

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