Wednesday, January 8, 2014

28 week belly progress pic

So... we're 28wks today. Twenty-Eight-Weeks! I was feeling quite frumpy today. My blue-flower dress has been worn so many times now the elastic is starting to go around the neckline and I kind of feel like a walking floral blimp when wearing it! But it is good for getting these progress shots.

I'm now back to the weight I was at embyro transfer, after loosing a few kgs during those weeks of morning sickness. I had hoped to NOT put on any weight this pregnancy because I really don't need to... but with a constant craving for orange juice and milky chai lattes... it's not really a surprise!

Had to do the glucose tolerance test this morning (fast for 12hrs, go to the blood collection centre, get some bloods taken, drink a bottle of super sweet flavourless liquid. Sit there for an hour. Have more blood taken. Sit for another hour. Have yet more blood taken. Then go home. Lots of fun!). This test will let us know if I've developed gestational diabetes, and the bloods look at my iron levels and other relevant things my GP decided to check out! He wants me to see the OB at the hospital next fortnight as my blood pressure was a little high at his appointment (despite being a perfect 125/70 at the hospital check up last week), so we'll see what happens from there.

These are the last 3 belly-progress photos for compariosn.

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