Monday, January 27, 2014

30 weeks

So... not a lot to report this week. Things are ticking along just as they should. I had an OB appointment on friday. There were some questions over one of the results in my full blood count (abnormally high platelet levels apparently). But after a bit of stuffing around, and a second blood test the doctor called later that afternoon to report that everything was 'very very normal'.

Baby has been moving really well lately too. He's not able to do the really fast flickers and jabs, but when he does roll and push it's so strong. He seems to spend most of my waking hours stretched out as far as he can in there, pushing up under my ribs - then come bed time he tucks himself way down low in my pelvis. Very odd. But kind of cute! (almost like he's preparing for being rolled on in the night!).

I'm always so curious to know how big he might be at each stage - and found this really amazing photo through a google search of a bub born at 30wks (he was one of sextuplets though - so maybe slightly smaller than a single-baby at 30wks), but still, that's so cool. Apparently babies at 30weeks gestation have over a 98% chance of survival - which is such a dramatic improvement based on the odds for babies born just a few weeks earlier than this.

We definitely don't intend on having this little dude come out just yet though!

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