Sunday, March 2, 2014

35wks feels like so close, yet so far to go still!

We're 35 weeks through this pregnancy now. That just seems like some kind of crazy-significant amount of time. My mind races back to the day of the embryo transfer and it feels like it was only yesterday, and yet a lifetime ago at the same time.

This little man has been quite active today - as much as a baby his size can be anyways. There has been a lot of pushing and wriggling and stretching and hiccuping. I can feel/see the outline of his back when he pushes himself outwards. And he's not a dainty little flower at all! I remember seeing this ONCE when I was pregnant with my first baby, and being amazed as she pushed her back/bottom out and my belly shaped around her.

With this little man - it happens multiple times a day/night. I can usually tell what side he's chosen to lay on depending on where the hard-mass of baby torso is sitting. His buttocks sit right up under my ribs still (I don't think he's planning on engaging/dropping anytime soon!), and act as a kind of handy shelf for sitting a drink or the TV remote.

Although he has been known to kick these off - the general belly vacinity is has always been 'his' area for as long as I've been aware of his movements!

What I would give for a couple of extra inches of space between my ribs and my pelvis though...

I had yet another OB appointment last friday - they are going to be weekly until I no longer have a passenger I'd say - and I'm still measuring ahead of where I should be.

At 30wks fundal height was measuring at 32.
At 32wks funal height was measuring at 34.
At 33wks fundal height was measuring at 35.
At 34wks fundal height was measuring at 36.
and at 35wks, fundal height was measuring at 39...

So I was consistently only a few 'weeks' over until that last appointment.

I was watching an episode of 'Deliver Me' today, and it seemed like so many women on that show are told that their babies are too small, or growth restricted, and I could see how stressed they were about the information. I have never been in that situation, and couldn't really imagine what that must be like. They are told to rest, eat more and stop work. Yet even that doesn't make a difference in some cases. There must just be a total sense of helplessness.

At least in this situation, I know that this bub is likely to be bigger then average, but that this simply means he's healthy and happy. It also means a little extra discomfort for me in the last weeks... but the end is so close I'm just trying to take things day by day (or rather sleepless night by sleepless night! lol).

Only 5 more days until baby's family move down here to be closer for the birth too. Which will give us much better access to just hang out and be 'pregnant' together while we wait for this birth!

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