Monday, March 24, 2014

Induction TOMORROW!

Well... the time has come. This baby is being evicted first thing tomorrow morning. My body is so ready to be occupant-free! We had a 'stretch and sweep' last friday, and I was apparently already 2cm dilated. It led to a bit of cramping and tightening overnight, but nothing more eventuated.

The same thing happened last night - lots of lower back ache, pelvis pain, pressure, cramping, semi-regular tightenings... but they again fizzled out! I never had anything like this with my previous two pregnancies. It messes with your head a bit really, and means that sleep becomes rediculously hard to attain. I've never been a big day-sleeper, but had a 3hr nap today (I have a whole new appreciation for the kid's kindy-days now!!!) and feel a little more human this afternoon.

This is probably the last belly shot (with baby still inside) too. I feel like he's dropped a bit - mostly because I can feel the bowling-ball-like hardness of his head way down low when I walk - but I don't think my belly has really changed or grown much in the last few weeks. Fundal height is 43cm now, and I'm SO curious to find out if this baby boy is actually large - or if he'll come out normal-sized and surprise us all. (Also very curious to see what he looks like too!).

It occured to me last week that I hadn't made this bubba a teddy of his own either... Making teddy bears is what I 'do' - and I was kind of surprised that it had slipped my mind to do one for him! Thankfully I had a child-safe bear design I'd drawn up a few years ago and found one of our last pieces of a silky baby-blue faux fur to use. It is such a simple design compared to my normal collector bears, and only took a few hours that it worked well with my serious lack of energy at present too! lol

He's just a floppy, un-jointed little bear with safety eyes... but he's still one of a kind. This little baby boy will be the only one in the world with a teddy like this.

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